Rancho Cordova took a step forward in developing a civic center last night when the City Council selected a team led by Griffin Swinerton.

“I think this is an important project for the city of Rancho Cordova and we’re excited we now have a selected development partner to move it to the next level,” said Deputy City Manager Micah Runner.

The new development centers on a 10-acre plot of city-owned land on Folsom Boulevard near the Mills light rail station and Los Rios Community College District’s local campus.

The Griffin Swinerton team, which includes affordable housing developer Related, Mogavero Architects, placemaking designer/developers Envelope and Project for Public Spaces, operating partner Hacker Lab and financing partner Citigroup (NYSE: C), submitted a plan that includes multifamily housing, food and retail, and a large outdoor plaza and entertainment venue.

“Part of the Griffin Swinerton model was bringing in the place for public gathering,” Runner said. The team’s vision was “really focused on not just building a facility or housing project, but a future gathering place for Rancho Cordova.”

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